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Saturday Spankings

Hello and welcome to SatSpanks – the hangout for spankos, whipsters, floggelets and all variants in between. What have I got for you today over in Mandara Land? Naughtiness. But we like to feed the darkness over here 😉

businessman in suit

“Can you get me out of this mess?” Her voice was stained with salty tears and mucus, but the vehemence behind it was enough for him to know that she was serious.

“I don’t know,” he answered truthfully. “I could try, but there are no guarantees. The earlier terms haven’t changed, either. You’d have to commit to being a personal slave and I’m not sure that would suit you at all well. It involves plenty of training, perhaps even more so than you would endure here and most of the time you would be trapped between four walls. You’d need to complete at least a term of servitude before any thought…

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As the world gets even with its brother..Cain’s Blood Cries Out.. who will see eldership in the Middle East?

Iraq conflict: UN warns of possible Amerli ‘massacre’…..

“The situation of the people in Amerli is desperate and demands immediate action to prevent the possible massacre of its citizens,” Mr Mladenov said in a statement.

Ukraine crisis: Russian lorries leave as Merkel visits……

Libya crisis: Tripoli airport changes hands between militias…..

Will Libya’s militias defeat democracy?…..

Gaza: Thousands rally for Hamas leaders’ funerals


And I think Ive had it bad lately..these headlines put it into perspective…Just surviving is hell ove rthere. Mans Inhumanity to man is escalating every day…Or is it?

we have always been brutal towards each other…and our tretment of those less ‘able’ is questionable ..and thats being kind.

Been down to the local aged care facility lately..Who spends there own time visiting the less loved and economically valued?



bio. Marina’s that is..see

Marina is a n inspirational water colour artist..and with art in her Helenic? blood and her name she is someone to go towards when Im feeing blue esp as since writing my M-I-L (93+) who suffered in the last 3yrs a right royal coktail of life long anxiety, borderline personality disorder…..

(only recently diagnosed…Hmmm she was an expert witness when her indulgent… doting… and OUR family doctor was in attendance over 28 yrs)

……just a breath to regain the hot topic….Thnx 4 ur patients/patience…I was tempted to say indulgence..but who says that except oxbridge elites…as I was saying, and vascular dimentia..which was what took her independence away..leaving us no choice but to place her form a self contained suite to the secure ward in her facility in Tewantin (not naming any names..Profke)..!!

I will rejoin this thread to engage fully with my grieving and the deluge of 4 funerals ( yes all close people in my inner circle ) and a wedding..wow! what amonth it was.. Im shaken not stirred Mr Bond!

Some of Those Who Wander Are Lost

I also wandered when I was just 7 and my bro was 4..My adventurous parents took us on the ride of our lives from secure UK to the temple of Karnak, the desert oasis of Petra, the diversity of Constantenople(Istanbul), the simple majesty of the Acropolis and awesomeness of the Colesseum. That was in 1964. We were given books on Greek myths, ancient civisations and
archeology. Wow, what incredible food for an active and imaginitive mind and soul. The down side was coming back to ‘civilisation’ in Australia where my fathers family was. The school yard jungle was vicious in its racial expression and I was the target. I couldn’t reconcile what I had just been through with this childish hell. It took some quick adaption to quickly purge myself of any pomminess and my accent. I was still for many years an outsider and often alone if not lonely and isolated. A far cry from the warm friendly experiences when on my 6 month travelcade across the now EU, Middle East and the Baulkans.

Wish I Were Here


When I was a little girl, I journeyed to distant lands. I went on archeological digs in Egypt and on expeditions into the steamy jungles of the Amazon. I hung out with the Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert. When I stepped out of the back door of our house, the backyard and the neighboring fields transformed from small town Michigan into the world beyond. Sometimes, I was accompanied by my stuffed animals, my guinea pig, or my little brother Billy. Sometimes, I trekked alone into the wilderness.

When did curiosity turn into escape? Maybe it was always that way. Things were tense at home from the beginning. I have vague memories of thuds, screams, and my mother’s muffled sobs. School was hostile territory. The teachers and the other children made it clear that I was an unwelcome foreigner. My desk became a portal to Easter Island. A place almost too…

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Magic Smoke

Wish I Were Here


Narita, Japan – April 1992

As the plane touches down in Tokyo, sobriety creeps slowly, relentlessly into my mind. The last two weeks in Bangkok are a vibrant, beautiful blur. As the plane taxis to the gate, reality hits: I’m on my way back to Los Angeles. To the constant struggle against the black hole. To the hunger and the threat of being homeless. Hard work does not automatically equal survival. At least it doesn’t for me.

After I disembark, I head for the restroom to tidy up. For the first time in two weeks, I look at myself in a clear mirror. My hair is already limp and greasy. Angry red cysts have sprouted along my jawline. I scowl and turn away. Then I force myself to look back. I glare at my reflection. I hate you. Loser.


I put my backpack in a locker and then head for…

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Belerus or bust?

Hi there,

Inteersting travel plans…I wonder what they do with dimentai  sufferers in a Alice In Wonderland environment..still holding the clock back? Dimentia is a theme I wish explore and stumbled across ur site..most eclectic and individualistic. Love the hygenic and awesome architecture. Hope to hear from u soon.